Why would I choose MyGameBoost?

We make sure that your boost is done as fast as possible. All of our boosters are the highest rank in the games that we provide boosting. They are experienced players and they know how to get the job done. We use private VPN for security reasons so you can be ensured that your account will be safe. We have a system that rewards our booster, so they are motivated to do the job, as fast as possible. You can track your progress on our website, so you can be up do date with your rank progression.

How do Your Services work and what can I expect?

First you will need to choose a game from the listed at MyGameBoost. When you choose the game, you will need to select your current rank and desired one. Then you will have to select the payment option. When this is completed, your boosting experience will begin. You will have live chat with your booster, so you can communicate with him if needed.

How do track order?

After purchase you will be added to a chat with your booster where you can ask them anything about the order and you can track them from our website.

How do you ensure safety?

To provide the safest boosting experience all data that flows through the website are encrypted. Also, we use VPN to ensure your safety.

How does coaching looks like?

Coaching begins with a conversation with the coach. During that conversation you decide what you want to do with the trainer. It can be a game together, analyzing your personal replay or analyzing a professional match. It your choice based on the time you bought with the coach.

What payment options do we use?

For our payments we use Stripe, it is the most trustworthy payment processing software in the world. We use it to ensure our customer safety and privacy. Stripe has been approved by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the highest level of safety certification in the industry.

Can I play on my account while you are working on it?

Yes! You can chat with our boosters on discord on yours and theirs schedule so you both can play seamlessly. However, you are strictly not allowed to play ranked until the boost order is completed.

If I don’t find my question here?

Please feel free to write us here.