Where do I register for MyGameBoost?

Press the Sign up button on the top right of your screen.

After I purchase, when will my boost start?

Most boosts are started within 1 hour of purchase.

How long will the boost take

It depends on the size of your order, anywhere from 30 minutes up to multiple days. After we receive the order, your booster will contact you in a live chat and he will tell you the time needed to finish your boosting.

Can I buy game account from your website?

If an account is available for sale, you will see it when you choose the game you want from our webpage. You can choose the account needed, and when you pay it, you are going to receive and e-mail with the account information. You will receive your e-mail information related to your new-account, so you can change them to yours.

How played previously on the accounts for sale?

On the accounts that we sell, the only players that played, are boosters. They are specially created for our customers.

How can I contact MyGameBoost?

You can contact us through our Need Help area, it is located on the bottom of the webpage.