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How does League of Legends elo boosting work?

League of Legends is one of the favourite games of gamers around the world. It is so famous and so beloved for its dynamics, interesting characters and the variety. But it's one of the tough games. Therefore, it takes a lot of time and experience to reach a higher division. That way, the game may not look as exciting as it actually is. That's why you can trust our lol elo boosting champions, who will give you back the thrill of the game. Our high-level boosters will quickly lead you to the desired higher division, where you will play with your favourite characters.

This is how things happen. Our professional booster will use your in-game account via VPN and will play all those ranked games that are difficult or not interesting for you. Thus he will reach the division you want. As our elo players are super professional ones, we guarantee that we reach our goals quite quickly. For additional security of your account, you have the option to choose our "duo queue" offer, which you will partner with our champions.

How to take advantage of our League of Legends elo boosting service?

First, you need to choose what lol boosting service you need. The next step is to make a payment to the service of your choice. You will then be redirected to the order page to specify your account. Then our elo booster will hack into your account and play for you. To track the progress of your order, you can have a live chat with him. You will be notified by email when you reach your chosen goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can, using our "duo queue" option, in which you will partner with our booster. Again, through live chat, you will be able to specify a convenient time for you to play.

The standard time for which we execute orders for League of Legends boost is 48 hours after we have accepted the order. By choosing the type of your lol boosting service, we will also indicate the time for its implementation. We can assure you that we execute orders really fast, because we have a great team and experience in what we do.

First of all, our boosters use a VPN. In addition, we have a special system for evaluation and rewarding of our boosters, which motivates them to fulfil orders with quality and speed.

You have the opportunity to play with your account if our booster does not play. However, the condition is that you do not play ranked games until you receive an email that we have completed your order. You can specify all these details with your booster via live chat.