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What is League of Legends elo boosting and how do your division boosting services work?

League of Legends is one of the most famous games in world. It became this big, because it’s fun to play and interesting. Some of us don’t have the luck to find this game fun. Why? Because of the toxic people and non- communicating guys. If you feel stuck in your elo, if you feel that you can compete in higher division, our services are for you. Our professional boosters will put you in your desired division, where you can finally enjoy your game.

How does it work? One of our professional boosters will log in on your account using VPN, ensuring your privacy and account safety. He will play ranked games until your desired rank. If you are afraid that we are going to steal your account, you can also try the “duo queue” in which you are going to alongside one of our professional boosters.

About our League of Legends rank boosting service

When you select the type of boost that you want, you will be redirected to the payment page. After a successful payment, you will be transferred back to order page, where you enter you account information. Our services start from the moment we have the information. Our boosters will log in onto your account using VPN to ensure your privacy and safety. You will have live chat with our booster and you will be able to track your order. When the service is completed you will be notified by e-mail. The process is fast and smooth, because of our experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can always use the “duo queue” option, where you will group up with one of our boosters. On the live chat you will schedule playing time that suits you both.

We usually handle any League of Legends boost in within 48 hours after ordering. When you select the type of boost, we are going to give you an approximately time to finish the order.

Our name is the most important thing for us. We cannot afford the provide a service that is not safe. We have a system that rewards our boosters, so they are motivated to do the job, as fast as possible. They will use VPN, ensuring your privacy and safety.

You can play on your account when the booster is not playing. You cannot play only ranked mode while our booster is not finished. You can always arrange that with him via our online chat.